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This Week in Salad: Just Salad, Coolgreens, Mixt, Salata put down new roots

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

July 19, 2019 - by Cherryh Cansler, Fast Casual featured the increasing trend in healthy eating among Millennials and Gen Zers and the announcement of Just Salad's franchise partnership with Cattell Street Brands to begin expanding into North Carolina. Read full article below or click here to read on Fast Casual's website.


This Week in Salad: Just Salad, Coolgreens, Mixt, Salata put down new roots

Millennials and Gen Zers are eating their veggies. In fact, people under 40 have increased the annual eatings per capita of fresh vegetables by 10 percent and frozen vegetables by 13 percent over the last decade, according to NPD group. And it's a trend that fast casual salad-centric chains, including Just Salad, Coolgreens, Salata and Mixt, are enjoying as each announced expansion plans this week.

North Carolina welcoming Just Salad

New York City's Just Salad has signed a deal with Cattell Street Brands to open at least five Just Salad locations in North Carolina by the end of 2020.

"The Just Salad brand is especially well-suited as a national franchise option, and the business model also happens to be one of the most attractive in the restaurant industry," CDO Paul Rittenberg, said in a press release about the 38-unit chain. "After 12 years of doing business, the Just Salad concept, brand, and team are primed for franchise operators to introduce us to new consumers around the country."

Founder and CEO Nick Kenner said the chain is ready to become a larger player when it comes to franchising.

"Until now, few quality fast casual concepts have opened up to franchising, and we're finally ready to fill that void in the marketplace," he said. "We look forward to announcing partnerships with other top-tier multi-unit franchise operators in the coming months."

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