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Our Core Values

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

What are the fundamental beliefs that unite us?

At Cattell Street, we set out to build a radically different company from all others in the restaurant industry. Our founding team is united by high ambitions and every one of us is passionately mission-driven to do better for both our employees and customers.

We developed our 5 Core Values together to articulate how and share our company’s beliefs to recruit others who share them and want to work with us because of them. More than just words for recruiting, these Core Values guide our actions, behaviors and the many decisions we make every day.


Beyond just telling the truth, having integrity for us means that we value trustworthy people and being someone whom others can trust. Being the founding team that is building our shared culture together, we know that all of our actions and words have a tremendous impact so there is no room to “kick the can down the road” or “middle management mentality”. We demonstrate integrity to earn the respect of teammates and train all employees to think like an owner by confronting difficult issues, proposing solutions based on long-term considerations, not just short term solutions and by openly owning and learning from mistakes instead of focusing on finding someone else to blame.


Having the curiosity to ask “why” and the courage to hear honest feedback about yourself leads to infinite opportunities to learn something new. We are committed to helping everyone discover their personal strengths, find ways to feel challenged and always continue growing!


We set positive expectations for all and have ambitious plans for everyone’s future success. Leaders believe in their teammates and know how to support them to improve. Plans are important in case the worst happens but even in the toughest of moments, we dig deep to find an authentic reason to smile and set things on a positive track.


The restaurant industry has always been a strong driver for entrepreneurship and it is rapidly changing with more innovation than ever. Key skills are being able to problem-solve on your feet, quickly identify and act on opportunity, make decisions despite uncertainty or ambiguity and adapt to change. As pioneers, it is important that we acknowledge the possibility of failure, help each other own and learn from them, and work together to bounce back stronger than ever.


Investing the time to build a strong work culture and community is important because we have all experienced how efficient work can be with great communication and trust. We believe that all ideas become even better through discussion and well solicited feedback. We can always do better by regularly putting ourselves in a teammate or customer’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective.

Do these Core Values speak to you? Are you looking for an opportunity to join a company like ours? Apply now!

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